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Fiction and Art of Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy - Fiction and Art
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Sons of Anarchy - Fiction and Art.
SoA Fics 'n' Art

The Sons of Anarchy community dedicated to all fic related to SoA's (gen, slash, het, polygamous and any other combination you can think of) and art (media, vid, icons and traditional ect). The sky is the limit here people.

Like any good community there are rules, or guidelines (if you will), such as NO BASHING of any kind is allowed, be they character or community member related.

There are also some formatting rules as well. To read a detailed community guidelines go here.

To request tags please comment on the following post.

There are some content in the community that are locked to members only, such as SoA related promotional pictures ect.

How to get Posting access

01. Become a member.
02. Post to the community. The first post will end up in the moderation queue.
03. A mod will look to see that the post comply with the posting guidelines. If it does, it will be accepted and you will be granted posting access.

Note: Free posting rights will be revoked should the guidelines not be followed. A note will be sent to the poster requesting modification and then step 03 happens again.

This is, first of all, intended to be a place to have fun. So enjoy ;)

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is a TV show (produced by FX) that centers around a man in his early 30s who struggles to find a balance in his life between being a new dad and his involvement in a motorcycle gang.

Mods Wanted

This community is in the look out for co-mods. If you're interested please PM nsh_mod.

Also, if you have any suggetions/questions or even complaints don't hesitate to comment the following post.

SoA communities

There are a couple of other Sons of Anarchy related communities, some are more specific then others. If I've missed one, pease don't hesitate to let me know via PM.

Additional communities are:

samcro is a generic community which allows all Sons of Anarchy related post.
samcro_stills is an icon stillness community dedicated to 'Sons of Anarchy'.
soa_hetfic is a community for Het Fanfiction Based on the show 'Sons of Anarchy'.
soa_slash is a community for Slash Fanfiction Based on the show 'Sons of Anarchy'.
sonsofanarchytv a generic community for all things 'Sons of Anarchy'.
ontd_samcro a generic community for all things 'Sons of Anarchy'.
anarchy_stills a 'Sons of Anarchy' Icon challange community.
elite_soa a high quality icon community for 'Sons of Anarchy'.


soa_kinkmeme - SoA Kink Meme.
Sons of Anarchy - Official site.


PROFILE CODE - current profile is based on this.

NOTE: I created the layout based on the previous one I had (source unknown) with the enormous help from the tutorial and CSS breakdown listed above. I'm a fan of side bars and the previous layout didn't have one which prompted me to try and modify it to what you see now.